"To be a leading class public institution that continuously expands the capacity of Tanzanian to learn and access information through national wide network of libraries and other information centers that provide high quality information services”


"To provide and disseminate, quality information resources and services to the Tanzanian’s public, for educational, informational, cultural and recreational purpose"

Core Values

Six core values will guide the Board in accomplishing its vision, mission and functions.


In discharging its services the Board will observe quality in all its services points (Public Libraries) by ensuring that standards are adhered to, and quality control and assurance mechanism are institutionalized and maintained.

Accountability and Transparency

In making decisions and implementation of all activities, Board will observe openness, team-work, participation, liableness and answerability.

Moral Standards and Integrity

In all its undertakings, the Board will uphold and observe accuracy, professional ethics, honesty, corporate social responsibility and human respect.


In performing the activities related to its core functions, Board will attempt to be creative, up to date.


The Board is an equity observing institution. Thus, all sections of the society, especially the disadvantaged groups and individuals, will be given opportunity to education, information, training, recruitment, promotion, decision-making and recreational.


The Board will work very closely with its stakeholders who include students and staff, government institutions, NGOs, Civil Society Groups, service providers, donors, development partners and other learning institutions, both within and outside the country.

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